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Go High Level is a powerful marketing platform for agencies, and its forms are one of the most useful tools. But GoHighLevel forms are difficult to customize without a little custom CSS. In this Go High Level tutorial I demonstrate how to work with custom CSS and add custom styles to GoHighLevel forms.

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00: 00 Introduction to Go High Level Forms
00: 53 What You Can Do With Custom CSS
02: 00 Form Tutorial Starts
02: 24 How to Find and Use Custom CSS
04: 40 Where to Find Your Image URL
05: 37 How to Add a Pulse Effect to a Form
08: 18 My Form Before and After Custom CSS
09: 12 How to Find Form CSS Selectors
11: 17 How to Find Other Cool CSS Effects

CSS is the coding language responsible for adding style to the look and feel of a website or app. When it comes to GoHighLevel forms, CSS is currently the only way to make them really interesting looking.

In this video I demonstrate how to add a background image and a pulse effect using custom CSS in GoHighLevel forms. I also walk you through how to find CSS selectors and cool CSS effects, and how to implement both.

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