Go High Level Tutorial – How to Improve Page Load Quality

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If the content of your GoHighLevel website is jumping around when it loads in, this Go High Level tutorial is for you! “Jumping content” is called cumulative layout shift, and it’s one of the Google core web vitals which is known to impact user experience and SEO.

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00: 00 Introduction to GoHighLevel Page Load Quality
00: 53 What is Cumulative Layout Shift?
01: 35 Why GoHighLevel Websites Shift When Loading
01: 50 What is Lazy-loading (and when NOT to use it)
02: 28 How to Turn Off Lazy-loading in GoHighLevel
03: 26 Cumulative Layout Shift Fixed!

It’s easy to improve page load quality in GoHighLevel – all you have to do is turn off lazy load for images above the fold. Lazy loading is usually a good thing because it speeds up overall page speed, but you don’t want to lazy load images that appear above the fold.

If you’re not sure what that means, be sure to watch the entire video – I explain fairly thoroughly why this is important and how to fix it with a few clicks.

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