GoHighLevel Affiliate Program Review ✅ Full Breakdown + Bonuses

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If you’re looking for a good affiliate program to join, then the GoHighLevel affiliate program is one not to miss! In this review video, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the GoHighLevel affiliate program.

0: 00 GoHighLevel Affiliate Program Review
0: 33 30-Day Free Trial
1: 33 Opening an Account
2: 02 GoHighLevel Campaigns
2: 43 Affiliate Links
3: 23 High Level Affiliate Program
4: 16 Details (clicks & conversions)
5: 07 Creating Affiliate Links
6: 35 Types of Referrals
8: 08 SubAffiliates
10: 00 Supercharged Saas Program

When I first joined, it took a little while to fully understand how the affiliate program worked. It’s hosted in FirstPromoter, but there are different levels for referrals, plus multiple programs to join. There is also a really nice incentive where you can earn the lease for an electric car by referring a certain number of SaaS Pro plans.

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