GoHighLevel CEO Shaun Clark Interview: How To Scale Your Digital Agency With High Profit & Low Churn

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In this video interview James Watson (Twitter @linkedin_king) interviews Shaun Clark, CEO of GoHighLevel – the fastest-growing white-label marketing platform for digital agencies.
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// 15 Takeaways from my interview with Shaun Clark, CEO of @gohhighlevel //

– Why HighLevel’s flat monthly fee for ‘unlimited clients’ business model has totally disrupted traditional SaaS CRMs

– Why 8 and 9 figure companies like Thryv and Podium are all in on SaaS – and why agencies are actually in a BETTER POSITION to join them

– Why Thryv has just a 2.4% churn rate with a Revenue Per Customer (RPU) of $304 and going up

– How Thryv is a billion-dollar company who’s main product is basically a white-label of Vcita, the online calendar tool

– How Podium’s Customer Aquisition Cost (CAC) is $1,200 but Lifetime customer value (LCV) is $12,000 and going up

– How agencies can charge for SaaS alongside their current services and 4x their client retention (I’ve experienced this personally)

– How to get results with HighLevel alone (no ads needed) in week 1 purely with ‘Database Reactivations’ – including my own story…

– Why its just a myth that white-labelling is a poor man’s SaaS with no real valuation or ability to exit with a significant multiple

– The #1 thing Google is betting the farm on this year that you haven’t heard about YET

– Why Google My Business messaging is Google’s answer to Facebook Messenger and will take over the world for local business marketing

– How one single location HVAC company went from 15 to 350 reviews in 3 years – and 2 trucks to 13 – by paying $300 per month *justfor HighLevel’s automated review generation tool

– How the Pay Per appointment booked or showed models are transforming agency revenues and increasing client results, while also helping to sell more retainers on long-term contracts.

– How you can get your own fully-branded mobile apps so your clients don’t ever need to know that your SaaS is a white-label.

– Why offering SaaS PLUS an agency service is an ideal combination of high-ticket revenue plus long-term, low-churn client retention.

– Why the SaaS ‘2.0’ model allows you to simply sell SaaS and forget ever having to offer unsustainable performance-related or highly customized, non-scalable services ever again.

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