GoHighlevel Review W/ an Agency Owner [ 2021 Updated ] – Bruno Souza

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GoHighlevel Review with Bruno Souza Lead Generation, Client Getting & Marketing CRM Automation

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0: 00 Intro
0: 27 GoHighlevel Bonuses and 14 Day Free Trial
0: 48 GoHighlevel for Growth
2: 15 Scoring Quick Wins (Begins Here)
2: 58 Context (Secret Sauce)
3: 40 The Perfect Offer
4: 38 Our Favorite Highlevel Campaign
6: 57 Scoring Quick Wins (Continued)
7: 49 Scaling With Highlevel
8: 36 High Ticket Sales
11: 07 Other Ways of Using Highlevel
14: 00 Transitioning from Pros to Cons/Challenges
17: 30 Closing

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In this Go Highlevel Review video, I address the major problem with tools: That if you don’t have the skill set to use the tools, they’re a total waste of your time and money.

So In order to address that, and help you get the most from watching this GoHighlevel Review, I’ve put together training that shows you:

1. How to price / package Go Highlevel
2. How to sell GoHighlevel to a cold prospect
3. I give you / go over our PROVEN sales script
4. I go over how to fulfill for the clients including how to build a 5-6 figure pipeline in under 7 days.

All the links and resources are below – my ultimate goal is to make sure that anyone who signs up for GoHighlevel through us has the support and skills they need to success – leave your comments below if you have questions.

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