GoHighLevel Tutorial – How To Build A 5 Page Website From Scratch

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In this video, I will go through the process of building a 5-page website created inside high-level platform. You can’t market your business the same way that you used to we need to have more innovative ways of capturing and converting new customers.

The way to generate and increase sales today on a scalable level is through the process of the sales funnel. The starting point for that sales funnel is to build your website.

0: 00 Page 1
12: 00 Page 2
16: 20 Page 3
21: 56 Why Sell Your Sevice?
23: 00 Page 4
26: 16 Page 5
28: 55 Up Next

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I am Mike Killen. My mission is to help freelancers, digital marketers, marketing agencies, and business owners make as much money as they want while making a meaningful contribution. This channel is dedicated to helping you learn and build sales skills, business frameworks, and digital marketing tools so you can serve an audience and be valuable in the marketplace.

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