GoHighLevel Tutorial & Review Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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In this video I cover a GoHighLevel Tutorial & give my honest review with a step by step guide for beginners on how to navigate through GoHighLevel and use it correctly.

This is the most up to date version of GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel makes life a lot easier by adding 100’s of tools you use with one software. This tutorial of High Level shows how simple and easy it really is to set up client campaigns in 5 minutes or less with just one simple click, for free!

In the past I used to hire virtual assistants to do a lot of these tasks, but once GoHighLevel came out with their new updates it made it a lot easier to just click a button and speed up the process.

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Software I Use:

HighLevel Free 14 Day Trial: 9
ClickFunnels Free 14 Day Trial: 5

In this video we cover the following plus more:

Explaining the use of GoHighLevel
Free 14 day free trial of GoHighLevel
GoHighLevel $297 Plan
Signup for GoHighLevel
Log in to GoHighLevel
GoHighLevel Settings
Twilio setup in GoHighLevel
Create an account in GoHighLevel
business name in GoHighLevel
add account in GoHighLevel
Load snapshot in GoHighLevel
Account setup in GoHighLevel
Dashboard in GoHighLevel
GoHighLevel Conversations
Phone numbers setup in GoHighLevel
GoHighLevel Integrations
Facebook form field in GoHighLevel
Calendar in GoHighLevel
Pipeline in GoHighLevel
Campaigns in GoHighLevel
Triggers in GoHighLevel
Funnels in GoHighLevel
Facebook Ads in GoHighLevel
Call Stats in GoHighLevel
Affiliate program in GoHighLevel


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What is an SMMA?

Simple: SMMA stands for ‘Social Media Marketing Agency’. However, this has become a shorthand for the business model surrounding running one: whilst large corporate agencies are technical ‘SMMAs’, the term is more often used to refer to lean, remote agencies with lower associated costs.

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