GoHighLevel Workflow Tutorial: Why You Should Use Mobile App Notifications In Workflows

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👉 If you’re using or if your customers are using your white label app or even the lead connector app, the gray label app that high level provides. You have to utilize the notifications. The internal app notifications.
👉 They are so good and they do such a good job keeping you updated and notified within the app and making using the app so much better.
Alright, here’s one use case that we found worked really well and there are a bunch of others, and we use it for ourselves daily.
👉 For almost everything we build, we like to have an internal app notification built into it so that our team members can be notified appropriately.
👉 Alright. So whenever someone books an appointment with one of my team members or myself we have an internal app notification that notifies them on their mobile app. And within their web app on their desktop app as well that someone’s booked an appointment. And here are the details related to them. The appointment is about to begin.

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