Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beginner Series | Lesson #2 Learn all GCP products in 10 mins

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beginner Series | Lesson #2- Learn all GCP products in 10 mins [2020]
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In this 2nd lesson of this series, we will get an overview of all google cloud platform products and services. This video will give you an eagle-eye view of what these products are and how these are used within the google cloud platform (GCP) landscape.

GCP products are divided into 4 categories : –

1) Compute
2) Storage
3) Big Data
4) AI (Artificial Intelligence)

1) GCP Compute – Helps you run your infrastructure on the cloud by running VMs (virtual machines), containers and Kubernetes clusters.

2) GCP Storage – Offers various products to store any kind of data like SQL, No SQL, structured, unstructured, images, files into various products like Big Table, Cloud storage, Cloud Spanner.

3) GCP Bigdata – Offers products like Big Query to maintain big data into the cloud and run your data warehouse or datalake in GCP.

4) GCP AI – Offers Auto ML (machine learning) models to train with data to make intelligent predictions in the future. Language, Speech or Images can be converted into intelligent data by feeding into these Auto ML models.

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