Google Local Service Ads – COMPLETE Set Up Video

What are local service ads?

Local Service Ads is a newer program by Google that allows advertisers to achieve a “Google Guaranteed” status in search engines when a visitor makes a search. Advertisers who participate in Google Local Service Ads will receive a larger ad space with their competitor’s local services ads and they will be able to feature their local businesses throughout organic search queries. This program allows local business owners to compete for local customers and it gives them more authority than competing advertisers due to the size of the listing.

How do google local service ads work?

Local Service Ads work differently than traditional Google Ads. Google local service ads will not directly affect traditional local listings or organic local listings. The LSA program was built so that local business owners could compete for local customers without having to worry about competing businesses driving their local rankings down. When a customer searches for local services, the local service ad is displayed first and all other local business ads are then displayed.

What businesses are eligible for local service ads?

At this time not every business is eligible for Local Service Ads. The following types of businesses are eligible:

Home services
Legal services
Finance professionals

What is the process of getting listed on local service ads?

The process to get listed in local service ads is simple. All local business owners have to do is visit the LSA sign up page and fill out a short questionnaire for Google to get started. After filling out the form, you will submit your documents to Google proving you are licensed, insured, and can pass a criminal background check.

How much do local service ads cost?

Local service ads are free for local business owners to participate in. Google will not charge local business owners to utilize local service ads, but the LSA program is designed in a way that makes advertisers pay when they get a qualified lead through their program. Local business owners who pay for higher ad placement often end up taking away local customers due to their bidding plan. Most advertisers have reported paying around $65 per lead.

Are local service ads call only?

No, local service ads will display a map of local business listings and they will include a phone number to each local business listing. This is important for local business owners because it allows them to receive calls from customers who are not considering their competitors during local search queries. But the ads also list your website and have a messaging option as well.

How can I check how my ads are performing in local service ads?
You can check the performance of your local service ads by going to the local service ads dashboard and checking your ad performance. The local service ads dashboard shows you how many leads were generated through an ad, which is helpful for local business owners that are trying to compare their local listings versus their competitors. You can additionally, dispute bad contacts through the program so you are not charged a fee per lead.

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