Groove Funnels vs Click Funnels – Carlos Siqueira Happy Dance will tell you the winner.

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From Heart Attach to Happy Dance you which one I like the most…..

I almost had a heart attack the last week due to losing 3.6 Million dollars overseas due to a hack into one of my accounts. I was really frustrated. My uncle was in a near dying situation due to Covid-19 in the hospital and a bunch of other things that could go wrong, went wrong in some of the businesses that I own overseas.

That’s what happen when you own several businesses, and have employees that depend on you and it’s on some crazy audacious mission to Make Poverty History…

….The crazy part is that nobody talks about how much struggle goes on to remain successful in some many industries that are extremely competitive. 

They love selling you the dream. But they don’t tell how much it has to be done on the back end. 

Speaking of struggle and making poverty history… I was looking for a software to give to the kids and young adults I mentor out of the streets where I teach them how to be a successful online entrepreneur. In this mission, I found this really cool software that I want share with you for free for you and for you to give to your tribe. 

Here it go just for you being an awesome raving fan. z

Free Access to GrooveFunnels – the new best way to build better funnels

Free for LIFE
No games. No fine print.
No credit card needed ever!
$99/month value… Now free.

Grab your account while you still can!

The world has changed so much recently.

And during these times, I am always excited whenever I find new solutions to help you in whatever way I can.

I’m sure you’ve heard of software tools designed to help you build websites, sales pages and online funnels.

Because sales funnels are proven to be effective, any such tools could reasonably command high monthly fees to access.

Unfortunately, this could also be out of reach for many business owners and marketers who are on a budget, especially during uncertain times.

This is where GrooveFunnels comes in.

GrooveFunnels is the new, better way to build funnels and sell digital products online.

It’s not just one or two simple tools, or solely a “funnel builder,” either.

This is your complete digital products and services online sales system.

Co-founded by Mike Filsaime, one of the top Internet marketing experts in the world, GrooveFunnels is a suite of products that includes all the tools you need to run your online business.

They have built a complete, all-in-one platform with all the essential tools so you don’t need to worry about multiple subscriptions to a variety of services that would easily add up to thousands per month.

Finally, you can get instant access to practically everything you need to sell your products and services online.

… Including:

Full product funnels
Brand websites with full navigation
Custom domain names
1-click upsell capabilities
Upsells, downsells and order bumps
The world’s most powerful affiliate program

And so much more…

Yes, this is a game changer.

And today, for a limited time only, you can get started for absolutely free.

No credit card. Lifetime access. Unlimited usage. Forever.

I’m not sure about you, but I will be switching my entire business over to GrooveFunnels.

Literally everything I need, and save thousands a month in the process.

You’ll have to see it to believe.

Take a closer look at it yourself, and pick up your free account while you’re there:

Let me know what you think. and here is the video. Get ready to laugh.

To your success,

Carlos Siqueira 
Chief Enthusiasm Officer
Disruptors LLC

“We assist clients build a movement, not just a business. In addition to grow, build and scale to 7 figures and beyond by crushing it with challenges.”

P.S. Mike told me that he is making some huge upgrades to his tools over the next several days, and we’re not sure if this will continue to be free for long. However, if you get your account right now, you’ll still be able to keep your account for life, including all the future updates to the tools. Take some time to learn all about the software, but be sure to grab your free account before it’s too late.

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