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0: 24 – What is Clickfunnels
0: 51 – What is GrooveFunnels
2: 28 – Clickfunnels Free Trial
2: 29 – GrooveFunnels Free Membership
2: 57 – Clickfunnels Pricing
3: 51 – GrooveFunnels Pricing
4: 48 – Dashboard Comparison
5: 56 – Clickfunnels Sales Funnels
6: 48 – GrooveFunnels Sales Funnels
7: 38 – Clickfunnels Page Builder
8: 32 – GrooveFunnels Page Builder
11: 05 – Clickfunnels Membership
12: 44 – GrooveFunnels Membership
15: 15 – Clickfunnels Marketplace
15: 53 – GrooveFunnels Affiliate Marketplace
17: 13 – My Personal Opinion

If you are trying to find the right Sales Funnel software for your business, you’ve no doubt wanted to know the difference between GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels. In this comparison video, I’ll show you the main differences between the two.

Personally, it’s a no brainer which one is better on almost every level. If you were considering GrooveFunnels, it would be to invest in a lifetime licence for what it could be. But it’s nowhere near being a finished product just yet. If the budget was your main issue, I would choose something like Systeme because it’s only $25 per month and it does almost everything these 2 bigger companies do, and it works!

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