Growth Decoded Episode 4: Sales CRM

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This is Growth Decoded — A show that helps you grow your business by investigating the customer experience, one piece at a time!

On this episode, we investigate the topic of “Sales CRM” — specifically, how can a CRM help you stay on top of your leads? What is a CRM and how do you choose one? How can your CRM go from something that you have to update all the time, to being a revenue engine for your business? How do you incorporate sales automation to accomplish even more? And… how do you choose what to automate?

Ernie is joined by Tabitha from the ActiveCampaign Education Team — as they seek to find answers to these questions.

In this episode we sit down with renowned sales coach and founder of Smart Gets Paid, Leah Neaderthal. Smart Gets Paid helps women learn to consistently and comfortably land new clients in their B2B consulting and coaching businesses. Through tools, programs, and coaching, women land the clients they want, get more yes’s, and get paid dramatically more for every client engagement.

You can learn more about Smart Gets Paid on the website, or by listening to the Smart Gets Paid Podcast:

ActiveCampaign’s Tim and Molly investigate Lead Scoring and show you how to use it to automatically prioritize your leads so you always know who to contact next. Cody and Ernie dive into the Deals CRM and show you how to automate the movement of a deal from one stage to another in your sales pipeline.

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0: 00 – Intro & Plantasia Update
1: 48 – Branded Goodies & Technical Difficulties
3: 11 – Intro to Sales CRM
8: 07 – Does every business need a CRM?
11: 54 – How do you choose and implement a CRM?
15: 57 – Leah Neaderthal on CRM decision and implementation
21: 12 – Live Question: Would a CRM be useful for a doctor’s office?
23: 00 – How can you take your CRM to the next level?
26: 23 – Getting started with sales automation in your CRM
30: 18 – How do you decide what to automate?
34: 16 – Leah on which things to automate
39: 18 – Interesting ways to use sales automation in a CRM
42: 23 – ActiveAnswers: Lead Scoring and Prioritizing Follow-Up
47: 52 – How to define and refine your sales process
55: 45 – Automate That!
1: 10: 43 – Conclusion

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