Growth Hacking Marketing for SAAS : 3 top strategies

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Growth Hacking Marketing for SAAS : 3 top strategies

I want to talk about growth hacking and growth hacking strategies that you can use to grow your SAAS.
Why growth hacking is important?
It is one of the newest forms of marketing that is used by some of the world’s fastest-growing businesses. Like Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox. These companies have successfully used growth hacking marketing strategies to go from zero to becoming billion-dollar businesses. And you should know about it too.
I am very passionate about growth hacking because I have personally seen the impact of it, we grew the product “I am Playr” game from 35000 users with a referral scheme to 350 000 users in just 30 days.
Some people think it is just a buzzword. I promise that it is not.
If you can master the growth hacking tools and apply the growth marketing strategy successfully, you can grow your business by not only depending on paid ads.
Watch the video to learn about great growth hacking tools and growth hacking examples, referral schemes, viral loops, blue ocean strategy, red ocean, tribal growth. How DropbBox, Airbnb, Netflix applied these strategies.

I will summarize the most important growth hacking tools in 3 big tips that you can use when you are thinking about doing growth hacking for your SAAS or any business.

00: 00 Growth Hacking Marketing for SAAS : 3 top strategies
02: 26 Tip #1 : Build viral loops: DropBox Case Study
04: 45 Tip #2: Unleash blue ocean channels. How Netflix used it
11: 11 Tip #3 :Leverage Tribal growth: Airbnb example

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