Healthcare SaaS: How to capture new markets faster with Kubernetes and cloud-native compliance

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In this video you will learn how to gain the innovation speed, business flexibility, high availability and vendor freedom of cloud native tooling while keeping patient data secure and having best in class compliance with European and US healthcare regulations.

–As an international healthcare vendor, what laws and regulations do you have to comply with when expanding to different European countries?
–How do you build an infrastructure platform that makes sure you can deliver to all local EU markets as well as the US (HIPAA)?
–What are best practice open source security tools and processes you should adopt as a healthcare SaaS company to live up to your laws and regulations?
–How do you evaluate cloud vendors when moving parts of your workloads to EU cloud providers due to GDPR?
–What does running a production grade Kubernetes platform mean? What do you need besides Kubernetes?
–How do you make the business case for building and operating a Kubernetes platform yourself versus buying a managed service?

Robert Winter is the CEO of Elastisys, world leaders in cloud native compliance. Elastisys has since 2011 helped organizations all over the world adopt cloud and container based application development in a secure and compliant manner, no matter their regulations. Robert has a background as a developer and architect and have experience implementing journal systems in Swedish healthcare. Robert is a founder of Cloud Native Northern Sweden and organises and talks on events related to cloud, containerization, Kubernetes and open source.

Dimitri Fagué is a Product Marketing Manager at OVHcloud, Europe’s largest cloud, and involved in OVHcloud’s Healthcare data hosting solutions. Dimitri is a technology enthusiast with expertise on cloud solutions for industries such as Healthcare and Public Sector as well as data protection and security.

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