High Converting Landing Page Optimization In Under 6 Minutes (1 of 4 Part CRO Series)

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Become A Landing Page Expert In Under 6 Minutes! Who is ready to learn about conversion rate optimization? In this 4 part series John Lincoln covers 4 of the most popular pages on the Internet.

In part 1, we cover the landing page! Make sure to like so you see parts 2, 3 and 4 where I cover local pages, e-commerce pages, and blog posts.

Become an expert in under 6 minutes.

1. Learn about the 7-second test
2. Learn how to format the perfect page
3. Learn about testing and modules

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More Details:
This video is part one of my new conversion rate optimization series and will cover everything you need to know to make pages that drive leads.

Specifically, I’m walking you through one of the most important kinds of pages you’ll find on a site: the landing page.

This is the main page of your site. which you’re likely using to drive SEO and paid media leads. These are often built specifically for paid media campaigns, but when done right, they can also be used to rank organically in Google.

But, to make sure that landing page is fully optimized to produce conversions, there are a few elements you need to focus on.

Some of the factors I’ll cover include:

►The seven-second test. Find out what it is and why it’s critical to your landing page’s success.
►How to choose images that work.
►Which elements to test.
►How color schemes can impact conversions.
►How to choose a call-to-action that works for your audience.
►And much more.

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