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High Ticket Sales Funnel- Clickfunnels High Ticket Funnel

How to make a high ticket funnel super fast!

This is a quick overview of what goes into making a killer high ticket funnel optin page.

Most people think that high ticket funnels can only be used to sell coaching. But that is a common misconception.

High ticket funnels can be used to sell any ticket product that is sold over the phone or in person.

If you have any type of high ticket service this is a great funnel to add to the top of your value ladder.

The Optin page of the funnel is all about building your credibility and showing that you are one of the top experts in your niche.

The second page is an application page where not only do you pre-qualify the client but also you use reverse psychology to turn the tables on them and get them to apply(audition to work with you).

The High Ticket Funnel was built in Clickfunnels and I’m starting with a template.

Using a template saves time and also insured that you are proven funnel strategy and format.

You can use High ticket sales funnel for any type of high ticket marketing and high ticket coaching or other offer.

Stay turned to the channel and I’ll be showing all the tricks on how to build a Sales Funnel Fast!

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