HighLevel Software – Why this is a game changer for agencies with Josh Nelson, Shaun Clark & Robin

The digital marketing agency space is shifting. In the past, the focus was just “let’s drive traffic” or “let’s get your website ranked” or “let’s drive as many leads as possible”. The successful agency of the future MUST focus on RESULTS and helping their clients not only generate leads but convert those leads into sales & revenue for their business.

I truly believe, if you can solve for conversion from lead to sale you become bulletproof and your retention issues go away.

In this session you’ll discover:

– How to shift from just “generating leads/calls” to “generating revenue/sales” for your clients
– How you can solve the issue we’ve all faced “the leads just aren’t converting”
– How to position yourself differently than the competition & stand out from the crowd
– How to be even more valuable to your clients and significantly improve your retention rates
– A platform that is built for agencies to solve this exact problem

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