Highlevel Surveys Pre-qualification: Qualify or Disqualify Leads Before They Book

Stop wasting time on sales calls with unqualified leads by sending them through a highlevel prequalification survey first! Highlevel surveys are ideal for prequalifying your leads before allowing them to schedule a call or appointment!

Gohighlevel surveys allows you to use conditional logic to qualify or disqualify leads based on their answers to survey questions, meaning only qualified leads will ever make it to the booking calendar! Disqualified leads can be sent to a downsell offer, given free resources, or sent to a referral partner, meaning your sales conversion rates will skyrocket and your time will be saved speaking to prospects who are not quite ready to speak with you.

Highlevel Survey prequalification is the perfect fit for any business looking to improve sales call lead quality, close more calls or appointments, and save time that can be spent on selling!

This tutorial will show you the slides of my highlevel pre-booking survey, what highlevel survey questions I use, and how to redirect leads based on their answers to those questions!

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