How Clickfunnels Built Their Way To $100M ARR | Ep. #710

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In episode #710, Eric and Neil discuss how Clickfunnels earned their success. Tune in to hear how Clickfunnels beat the competition.


[00:27] Today’s Topic: How Clickfunnels Built Their Way To $100M ARR
[00:40] Clickfunnels is a SAS Product that is a monthly subscription service.
[01:00] They claim you can use their product to do everything you need to build a site and promote it.
[01:15] Leadpages and Infusionsoft are their direct competitors, who they have since surpassed.
[01:45] They reached $100 Million ARR without raising capital.
[02:10] Once you set up a funnel, it continues to work.
[02:30] They not only sell the product, but also training to make sure you use it correctly.
[03:20] If you Google Grant Cardone/Russell Brunson 10X, they sold a huge bundle that made them a lot of money.
[04:30] Clickfunnels does a ton of webinars.
[04:50] They also use affiliate marketing to grow their business.
[05:25] They stand out from the pack because they are very generous with their commissions.
[07:06] Russell Brunson is a creative marketer.
[07:30] Clickfunnels doesn’t have salespeople or a marketing team and they still beat their competitors.
[08:44] That’s all for today!
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