How does Pipedrive compare to other CRM’s?

In this video, I talk about what makes Pipedrive unique and how it compares to other sales CRM tools.

● It’s been around since 2010. Good team and well-funded.
● Good rate of development. New features come out pretty regularly.
● Pipedrive is very simple and easy to use compared to other CRM’s.
● Easy to customise (compared to Salesforce which is quite difficult and can require custom development).
● Pipedrive is designed for salespeople by salespeople. Big emphasis on activities.
● Pipedrive Pricing, Husbpot Pricing, SalesForce pricing, Zoho pricing.
● Pipedrive has good integration with 3rd party tools and has its own marketplace. The Zapier support is also very good. But so do most of the other CRM’s.
● Pipedrive has good reporting and this is all customisable.
● Pipedrive is scalable and can grow with you and your sales team (e.g. team management). Start on Essential and go up to Professional or Enterprise if needed.
● Pipedrive doesn’t have native email sequences and automation, but that is coming later this year.

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