How early-stage companies can generate quality leads with 30-35% win rates | Growbots

See how Athyna found its perfect strategy for generating high-quality leads and scaling its business by relying on one outbound tool in its technology stack.

00: 00 Introduction
00: 52 Athyna. Acquiring talents for global teams
01: 27 Growbots’ advantage over competitive solutions
01: 50 Scale up and down depending on the needs
02: 40 A/B testing to maximize results
03: 47 One person doing job of 10 sales people
05: 00 Outbound as a collaborative process
05: 56 Close rate of 35% with leads comparing to leads from other channels
06: 57 A way to keep your sales team happy
08: 13 What would you say to someone who’s considering Growbots?

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