How Go High level Helps Local GMB Marketing with Shaun Clark

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If you are a marketer, freelancer, business owner anyone who puts value on leads and sales you need to watch this.
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I was lucky enough to have Shaun Clark founder of High level provide a platform use case demo and walkthrough of the key features that help marketers, agencies and freelancers drive leads and sales for their clients.

Shauna also clarified that business owners and franchises are welcome on the platform because it helps everyone get more leads and keep customers sticking to the business.

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The platform is designed to provide more lead generation features for a business. This includes chat widgets, two way texting, emails, funnels, GMB messaging and so much more you have to watch to see the list of software that this replaces.

We also covered where the future of Google search is heading and customer engagement and how to use this for better success.

We touched on some new compliance regulations for businesses in the legal and medical industry for end to end communication.

Get the tool – (14 day free trial)

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*in full transparency if you click and subscribe to this software I will be awarded some commission for recommending the software to you. The funds from this go towards the GMB Help group on facebook and to help continue to support assist and inform our 17k strong community.

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