How I book 20-30 meetings a day (new method)

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Anyway, on with the video…

20-30 meetings a day has become the norm in recent weeks.

Many of you have probably clicked on this video expecting to see a hidden outreach system or a magic pill that will automatically fill up your calendars (we’ve all been there).

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill & there is no fancy secret system.

The place where many people go wrong is that they assume that in order to get as many as 20-30 meetings a day, it’s all about the strategies which they execute, which isn’t entirely true.

Whilst strategies & tactics are important, the more important component behind filling up your calendar on a consistent basis is the foundations in which your business is built upon.

It doesn’t matter what outreach system you use – if you do not have strong foundations in place, you will never be able to fill up your calendars on a consistent, predictable basis.

In this video, I walk you through how I personally book 20-30 meetings daily for my business & share the 5 key components that goes into building a strong foundation, to allow you to hit similar numbers to the above.

The video is linked in the comments if you want to check it out.

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