How I Made $1,200+ with ClickFunnels Affiliate Program | My Secret Affiliate Funnel Explained

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As I promised in my last video, I will show you everything I did to make money with Clickfunnels Affiliate program. In this video, I have revealed everything about that, my affiliate marketing funnel, from where I learned, what changes I made, what results I got, my total earnings and all the methods and strategies I used.

This is the most comprehensive video I have ever made about affiliate marketing. And I have seen many people using such funnels.

I hope you like this video 🙂
Please let me know in the comments if you need any help.

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Thrive Vs Clickfunnels

00: 00 Intro
01: 13 What you can expect from this video
05: 36 Chalte hain computer screen pe
06: 55 How much I earned
09: 09 How I came up with the idea
15: 55 How I made my first funnel
18: 30 My traffic source? Paid ads?
19: 12 Psychology of bridge page
20: 25 Psychology of bonuses
23: 15 Psychology of free course
27: 09 How I saw people using such funnels
30: 20 I shifted from ClickFunnels to WordPress
32: 05 Tip for beginners- make personal relationships
35: 27 Do you need Clickfunnels?
36: 35 I tested few things
37: 32 Implemented e-mail marketing
41: 47 Revenue vs. Profit
43: 28 Try to give physical bonuses
44: 55 How I got Clickfunnels recurring sales
47: 55 How to make bridge page video
51: 27 A-Z summary
53: 48 Final words (please comment)
56: 19 Outro

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