How I Won The 2 Comma Club Award From ClickFunnels | Stas Prokofiev

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In this video, I unbox my 2 Comma Club Awards from ClickFunnels. After I open the award from ClickFunnels, I break down what it took for me to get these awards:

1. Focus – Saying No
2. Do The Boring Work – Simple is Best
3. Curiosity – Find Out How Things Really Work

In this video and on my channel, I go through sales funnel strategy, tips on how to scale your online business, and how to drive traffic to your sales funnels. I’m grateful to the funnel hacker community and Russell Brunson for their support in earning this 2 Comma Club Award!

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To pass on the knowledge and experience I have acquired that has allowed me to build a 7-Figure Online Business. When I was made redundant from my job I made a promise to myself to become financially independent and never rely on a salary again. Now that I have successfully achieved this, I’m on a mission to help you become free by selling your knowledge, advice or expertise online and creating your own business online.

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*DISCLAIMER: This video is not financial advice and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Content information is accurate as of the posting date but may be inaccurate in the future.*

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