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In this video, I get 2 more 2 Comma Club Awards from ClickFunnels making a total of 3 for my collection! After I open the awards from ClickFunnels, I break down what it took for me to get these awards:

1. Create a product as a beta and make sure the initial students get amazing results
2. Slow and Steady wins the race
3. Do not buy into shiny object promoters

When I first started, I was just a step or two away from earning your two comma club award. In this video and on my channel, I go through sales funnel strategy, tips on how to scale your online business, and how to drive traffic to your sales funnels. I’m grateful for the funnel hacker community and Russel Brunson for their support in me earning these 2 Comma Club Awards!

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Dan Henry here and I help people sell their advice online. I went from being a broke college dropout pizza delivery boy to creating a $10 million online business.

I made my first million dollars selling my knowledge through my 30 Day Agency Program with just a laptop and over the next 3 years it grew to $10 million in revenue. Now I’m here to help you learn how to sell your knowledge. This channel will help you create an online course, sell an online course, and create a successful online business.

Selling courses isn’t as hard as you think. You’ll learn how to create high converting digital products, grow an audience, pre-sell your course without creating it, and become a master at paid ads, marketing and sales funnels, and email marketing.

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