How To Add A 2 Step Order Form On Clickfunnels To Improve Your Sales Funnel

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Want to know how and why you should add a 2 step order form to your Clickfunnels sales funnel? In short…. Increase sales! 💰 😃Check this out!
Skip to the Clickfunnels 2 step order form tutorial at – 7: 20

Launching your first sales funnel and getting nothing, no leads, no sales is so frustrating. But this small tweak could help increase your conversions on Clickfunnels and increase sales immediately.

In this Clickfunnels tutorial video, I (Chris Wright) explain why you should add a 2 step form to your sales funnel and show you how to do it as well.

This simple Clickfunnels hack could help you improve your sales funnel! Give it a try, test it against your current order form and see which works best!

Have an awesome day!

Chris Wright

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