How To Add A BlueHost Domain And Subdomain To ClickFunnels

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A Step By Step Guide on how to add a BlueHost domain and subdomain to ClickFunnels.

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Hey everyone! This video is all about how to add a BlueHost domain or Subdomain to ClickFunnels™. If you’re looking for more ClickFunnels™ training click the link above to access my FREE course, or if you don’t have a BlueHost account yet, click the additional link above to create a BlueHost account and get a free domain.

1: 40 – Free Domain with ClickFunnels™ (this is no longer publicly offered)
2: 50 – How to add an existing BlueHost domain into ClickFunnels™
6: 40 – Getting a “Cannot add zone record” notification?
11: 11 – How to add a BlueHost subdomain into ClickFunnels™

As mentioned in the video, if you already have an existing website on BlueHost, DO NOT add your domain to ClickFunnels™, because that will take down your existing website, as the domain can only be pointed to one host at a time.

If you wish to keep the existing website accessible, you could set up a subdomain to use with ClickFunnels such as in the examples below:

Using a subdomain will carve out a space for ClickFunnels while leaving the existing website intact and accessible.

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