How to add a custom domain to ClickFunnels

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There are 2 ways to add an external Domain to Clickfunnels. If you connect the same domain (, here is how the URL is going to look like in both cases:
1) Directly through your Domain registrar:
2) Through Cloudflare: ( you can find the tutorial on how to connect a domain name via cloudflare here: )
About this video: This video is going to show you how to add an external domain to Clickfunnels with www directly through your domain registrar.
Important note: If you have content on the main domain name, connecting the domain to your ClickFunnels account will make the existing website you had on it inactive. In that case you need to connect the subdomain.
You can do it in 2 ways:
1) Directly through your Domain registrar. ( here is how you can connect the subdomain directly through the registrar: )
2) Through Cloudflare. ( the tutorial on the subdomain setup with Cloudflare can be found here: )

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