How To Add Multiple OTO On ClickFunnels

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Clickfunnels like any other tool out there has it’s own learning curve. Things like knowing how to add Multiple order on Up-sell and order page could throw some people off and for some that could as well mean the end to their entrepreneurial journey.
I hope you are one of those people. Even selling water(which everyone readily wants) has it’s own learning curve.
As someone who has used Clickfunnels for myself and thousands of my Digital marketing clients since 2016 I can safely say that I know and understand one or two things about how to use this coolest software ever made for serious minded entrepreneurs.
I am going to be showing you how to add Multiple products(Money making secret!) to your OTO or Up-sell page. If properly implemented and if you understand the marketing logic behind upsells you know that they are a must for profit maximization.
here you go…
Add your OTO page from inside your clickfunnell account
STEP #2 Make sure to add product just like you would on your order page
go to the product page and click edit to get the individual product number by right clicking and copy the ” LINK Address “
Open a new tab and paste the URL. Look for the set of numbers right behing the word (Product/Products) and copy them. HINT: Those are your product number.
Head over into your Editor on your funnel step and open it up. Then click to add the Button element. click on the gear button of this element and go to “Get CSS INFO”This is by clicking on the “#” button
Now Pay attention! Once the box with the CSS info comes up , under “title” in the box type this (cf-one-click-) and add the product number at the end.
Example if my product number is “2193773” I will type in the title box “cf-one-click-2193773” then click update.
Set this button to link to the appropriate product that you created under the product tab.
Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each product you added to that page .
Once done open up SettingTracking cod FOOTER CODE and done this piece of codes as shown in this video OFA Challenge through the links below.

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Get The OFA Challenge (Valued at over $1Million for just $100) c

Once you do that just send me an email with your receipt at LUQMAN@VIRALADMEDIA.COM
I will send you this entire funnel with the code along with the funnel that contains the code which allows you to add multiple products on your order page as well.

Get The OFA Challenge (Valued at over $1Million for just $100) c
Get the Affiliate bootcamp: h

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