How to Attract the Most Customers VS the Right Customers With Digital Marketing

What kind of customers do you want? Do you want to attract the right customers or attract the most customers possible? The correct answer will vary based on what you’re selling, who it serves, and the type of results you want to help them achieve.

In this video, I discuss type of customers different companies attract and which digital marketing channels they use to attract them. I also reveal the differences between attracting the most customers and attracting the right customers, and how to find a balance between the two.

The three online businesses we examine in this video all sell software that can be classified as sales funnel builders and marketing software, but they each focus on attracting a specific type of customers by using precise messaging in a variety of ways.

The first example is SystemeIO. Systeme’s messaging is designed to attract any and all online business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs who want a low-pressure environment where they can take their time in developing and growing their business.

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The second example is GoHighLevel (also called HighLevel or GHL). GHL is designed specifically for marketing agencies, so their messaging and offers are targeted directly at agency owners.

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The third example is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels technically has the same target market as Systeme, however they are much more focused on ambitious entrepreneurs who want to achieve high levels of success as quickly as possible.

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