How to Boost Sales with a Simple Distribution Strategy

With Christmas comes the possibility for your business to experience a boost in sales. One change you can make to make your business more profitable is distributing your product to more channels. In this video, Riyaz Datoo, the Founder of 3D, shares how to make this happen. – Buy Authentic, Buy Original.

Beware of imitators. When you purchase from, you are purchasing authentic and original. Understand the difference between HD and SD and what makes the difference. We look forward to working on your project:

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For over 15 years I have passionately worked alongside re-sellers, entrepreneurs and new businesses in the subsurface laser industry, setting up distribution and growing market share for 3D custom photo gifting products. We manufacture + ship over 26 tons (57,000 LBS) of custom prestigious 3D Crystal projects per year. Alongside manufacturing we’ve created and established Cockpit3D, a 3D software and modeling service company which has helped entrepreneurs succeed in selling 3D custom gifting products globally.

In 2018, I made it our mandate to promote and inspire members from the 3D Crystal community to engage their children in their businesses with the intent to start the entrepreneurial bug early. Children are exposed to fun marketing and selling techniques while learning the basics in digital marketing, public speaking, and work ethic. Doing this has been of mutual benefit with the base revenues for re-sellers indexing higher on average. It’s an interesting dynamic. Children often communicate in much simpler, shorter, efficient statements that engage customers and result in better conversion rates overall.

➤ Business Innovation Award 2018
➤ Business Excellence Award 2013
➤ Young Professionals Award 2013

Presidential Recognition
➤ Prime Minister RT Hon. Justin Trudeau – Letter of appreciation 2017
➤ Warren Buffett (CEO Berkshire Hathaway) – Letter of appreciation 2017
➤ President of America (President Barack Obama) – Letter of appreciation 2015
➤ Prime Minister RT Hon. Stephen Harper Personal Recognition + Ottawa Invite 2012


“Competition is healthy, Collaboration is healthier” – Riyaz Datoo.
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