How To Build a 7 Figure Sales Marketing Funnel

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How To Build a 7 Figure Sales Marketing Funnel

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Can I ask you a question?

Do you know what a marketing funnel is?

No, not the kind you use when cooking, or the kind that comes attached to a college beer bong 😉 .

I’m talking about sales funnels and marketing funnels—the kind that you absolutely must get right if you want your business’s to earn 7 figure income +

Basically, your marketing funnel is the process by which leads move from first awareness of your brand (product) to post-sale evangelism.

But since that’s a little vague…

I made this step-by-step video for you showing my 7 figure sales marketing email funnel

Steps to create a 7 figure sales marketing funnel

Email #1 Indoctrination
Email #2 Why
Email #3 Future frame
Email #4 Surprise
Email #5 Webinar
Email #6 Last Chance Webinar

Tools to use


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