How to Build a Book Funnel [sales funnel]

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Today’s episode is a simple why and how tutorial on how to build a book funnel sales funnel…
I was just speaking with a client yesterday who has already generated 5X as many sales as they hoped for from their new book funnel…
These things are powerful.
I’ve been involved with a few.
And I thought I’d share a general overview of how these book funnels work.
A book funnel can be one of your most powerful customer acquisition tools…
You can get customers cheap.
You can get really high conversion rates.
You get high-quality buyers.
You gain authority and expert status with your buyers.
You can build them in a way where they are profitable to scale.
There are so many benefits to book funnels — and they’re honestly pretty simple.
Discover how to build a book funnel in today’s episode…
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

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