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How to Build A Marketing Funnel With Facebook – Mike Marko –

Today, I want to talk to you more about overall the marketing funnel in place, and actually, how do you really start getting the sales you want from the overall campaign.

Now having a proper marketing funnel in place is critical. It’s key to making this all successful.

So from the sales page, you have an upsell or qualification letter. For instance, if you were consulting you’d have a qualification letter to make sure that they are…qualification form to make sure that they are qualified; that you actually want to talk to them because you don’t want to be talking to just anybody.

Once they subscribe to that then you have another upsel. If they sign up for a slot, we’ve actually have the time where you’d have a chance to do your close. So you have that part of the funnel. And then we talked already about the thank you email and the lead magnet, and the importance of that.

Next, what you do is after the email follow-up series, that’s where it gets really important. You actually have three emails in place; 2 to 3 emails in place where you actually do the indoctrination, so they get to know who you are and trust you. At this point, they’re still relatively cold (cold leads). Even though they went through three Facebook ads, and they have some experience in who you are and what you’re about, these three emails are key to making that (knowing and trusting you) successful. So you send them and teach them about yourself, what you can do, and so on. You’re giving pure value in this whole series. It’s like a goodwill series, a goodwill where you’re giving them free value so they can learn and trust that you are an authority in your particular niche.

The engagement emails get more aggressive in actually asking for that sale. Whatever you’re trying to do, whether it be a product or service you’re trying to sell, that’s the purpose of these emails in place: to actually start doing that close.

So at this point, you’ve already had three emails, three videos for Facebook, or three ads for Facebook. You’ve taken them to the funnel, you had the thank you email, you had the thank you page, you’ve had indoctrinations. You’ve had now 9 possible exposures you could have had, if they’ve opened up all their emails to you. And ideally, what you want to do is have between 7 to 10 exposures before you actually get a sale, because that’s usually on average what you’re going to expect ( to have to make before the sale).

If they’re in the market to buy you need to have between 7 and 10 exposures before they’ll buy on average. And that’s what we’re trying to do. And that’s why at the end here now, we actually start doing the engagement emails. We’re actually starting to promote.

Now, this is a pretty straightforward funnel at this point. It’s pretty basic and will get the job done but you’re still leaving money on the table. That’s where you have something like a four-day cash machine in place where what happens is that, depending on their actions, they actually get shown a discount where they can actually, if they take action now, get a bunch of several bonuses, and possibly an overall discount. This campaign happens over four days.

So imagine this: say, for instance, they click on any one of the goodwill series. Then they get taken to a four-day cash machine. That’s when they actually went and looked at the content, because in effect what they’re doing is raising their hand and saying, “Hey, I’m interested. I want to have some information on this.”

Because it (the content) follows with the lead magnet. All this content I had mentioned before, this content here, should be congruent to lead magnet. So if you’re giving away, say as an example, “tips on how to blog”, then everything here should be related to the blog because everybody raised their hand with the lead magnet, saying, “Hey, I’m interested in blogging.” Then, the four-day cash machine bonuses should also be related to that lead magnet where it’s about blogging, additional benefits, and so on.

By the end of this, you’ve actually expressed to them through the four-day cash machine, “This is what I’m willing to do. If you take action today, and these are the bonuses you’re gonna get to actually help you do that topic.” Same thing goes with the engagement email. If they click to look at the content, again send them to the four-day cash machine and take them out of the cycle (to the 4-day machine). Same thing with these other engagement emails as well, and so on.


Video: Mike Marko – How to Build A Marketing Funnel With Facebook

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