How to Build a Marketing & Sales Funnel as a Spiritual Online Businesses

Marketing and sales funnels are a great way to increase awareness in your audience, share your message, and create sales! But for spiritual entrepreneurs, course creators, and coaches who crave ALIGNMENT in their online businesses, marketing funnels often feel too structured to hold their magic.

In this video, you’ll learn a powerful mindset shift around marketing funnels that will support your business growth, so even the most magical business owners can easily hit your goals.


0: 00 Intro
1: 00 How to use marketing sales funnels
1: 36 What is a marketing funnel?
2: 32 The hourglass marketing funnel
3: 40 Your marketing funnel as a self-fulfilling ecosystem
4: 08 Nurturing client relationships
4: 38 Simple marketing funnel ideas
5: 00 Complexities of marketing funnels
6: 10 Support to build your marketing funnels

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