How to Build a SAAS Business from Scratch and Become a Market Disruptor with Michael Borgelt

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Michael Borgelt is the founder of 51 Blocks, a 7-Figure White Label Agency based in Denver, Colorado. After eleven years of spearheading the agency’s operations, Michael is taking a step back from 51 Blocks to focus on a new challenge – launching his new web hosting company, Bionic WP.

In this episode, Michael talks about his journey in starting a new SAAS business and breaks down the reasons why he chose to get involved in such a super competitive niche.

Show Notes

Michael’s back story 1: 58
How Michael ended up doing White Label 4: 02
Picking up things from other people 6: 20
About 51 Blocks 8: 03
What to look for in an Operations Manager 10: 49
The KPIs business owners must monitor 17: 35
Sales Teams vs Fulfillment Teams 20: 58
The reason Michael started a SAAS business 22: 21
Bring agency level service to the web hosting world 25: 00
About Bionic WP 27: 39
Becoming a disruptor in web hosting space 30: 15
Michael and Abdul’s Youtube videos 32: 42
The benefits of improved site speed 36: 35
Top takeaways of starting a SAAS business 39: 43
Michaels book recommendation 41: 19

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