How to Build a Sales Funnel with Live Streams. What is a sales funnel? Mike Allton.

00: 00 Intro
00: 50 Welcome Mike Allton
04: 45 What is a sales funnel
09: 05 Why it’s great to have a live video at the top of the funnel
11: 24 An example of a content funnel (which should be better called a pyramid)
14: 44 What should one use for the top of the funnel – entertaining or product-oriented live stream
18: 11 Do charming hosts help create more successful funnels
18: 43 Announcing prices – annual premium access to Agorapulse
21: 21 How do you get people to watch the live stream
23: 03 Why comments are so crucial for a successful live show and how to bring them on 26: 10 How to make a CTA that doesn’t sound too salesy
30: 11 How do you measure the results of your sales funnel
33: 26 How to stick to the show’s plan and don’t forget the main sales points
38: 43 The worst moment in Mike’s live-streaming career
40: 23 Tools for building better funnels with live streams
44: 32 Sales funnels for a person from the audience: an online course
48: 14 Giveaway!
52: 24 What are the biggest mistakes people make when building sale funnels with live streams

Are you looking to optimize your live stream sales funnel?
This week on Live Better, we were talking about how to optimize your live stream sales funnel with Mike Allton of Agorapulse.

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