How to Build a Sales Funnel with NetHunt CRM: EPOM Customer Success Story

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Are you looking for a CRM software with sales funnel management capacity? Check out NetHunt CRM; it is a Gmail CRM with LinkedIn integration, designed to help you build sales funnels and manage sales teams
Watch this video to learn how EPOM, an online advertising company, uses NetHunt for sales funnel management. EPOM is an online advertising company that provides customers with White Label Ad Server and White Label DSP solutions. Sales pipeline management in NetHunt allows the EPOM sales team to monitor the sales’ progress on each incoming lead, moving them along the sales funnel stages, automate the sales process and focus on the actual sales.

0: 04 EPOM is an online advertising company
0: 17 How EPOM moved from Google spreadsheets to NetHunt CRM
0: 46 How to build sales funnels in NetHunt
01: 38 NetHunt is GSuite integrated CRM
02: 12 How EPOM automated sales process with NetHunt
02: 54 Why is NetHunt recommended for small and medium businesses

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——————————About NetHunt CRM——————————–

NetHunt is a fully-fledged CRM, designed for sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses grow better, grow happier.

NetHunt operates as a CRM and productivity tool inside Gmail, integrated with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, and covers a full set of features to manage leads, nurture customer relationships, monitor sales pipelines, and close deals faster.

Our customers use NetHunt to get jobs done:

– To organise client and lead databases.
– To capture leads with LinkedIn integration.
– To sync their Gmail activity with CRM and track sales processes.
– To sync their sales funnel with CRM stages, statuses, and tags.
– To manage individual and team tasks.
– To schedule follow-ups, bulk email campaigns, newsletters, and other types of communication with customers.
– To integrate NetHunt with other apps that they use every day.
– To store and access every moment of customer interaction with their sales team.
– To remind them about important calls, meetings, follow-ups.
– To monitor sales metrics and improve sales performance.
– To sync activities between sales, marketing, and support departments.
– To never miss a potential lead.

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