How to build a Sales Funnel with Phone | Make Money daily

This is a crash course on Sales Funnel creation with your phone. You will learn step by step approach to creating a highly responsive sales funnel to automate your digital marketing allowing you to make money while you sleep.

00: 00 Introduction
00: 28 Welcome note
01: 18 Objectives
02: 35 What is a Digital Product
04: 21 What is a sales funnel
07: 28 Content of a Landing page
13: 10 How to design a Landing page
28: 54 How to create an opt-in page
38: 12 How to create a payment portal
42: 15 Automating the process
43: 36 Outro
Reference videos:

How To Create An Online Course on YouTube Using Your Smartphone – Y

How To use Google Drive To Boost Your Business – 0

How to Create and Sell eBook With your Smartphone – k

How to Setup Facebook Ad using your Mobile Phone – Y
Resources used:

Landing page: o
Opt-in Page: m
Payment: m

Downloadable resource:

100+ Things You Can do With Your Smartphone: s
$10 Daily Income Hack: 1

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