How To Build Affiliate Marketing Funnel For Free In Less Than 30 Minutes | ₹0 Funnel Tutorial -Hindi

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Many of you wanted to know how to build funnels for free. This is the first video in the series. Also note, I will be covering many free techniques to build sales funnel for free in my future videos.

In this video, I have explained how most people do affiliate marketing the wrong way, and how you should do instead. Next, I have explained how to build a 3-page affiliate marketing funnel using a free platform. It also includes e-mail marketing automation so that you can follow up with your subscribers and increase your conversions.

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Time Stamps:
00: 00 Intro
1: 48 What is a funnel (short overview)
2: 43 Wrong way of doing affiliate marketing
4: 28 Correct way of doing affiliate marketing
8: 54 Intro to MailerLite
11: 01 Building affiliate marketing funnel
22: 24 Setting up email automation in MailerLite to boost earnings and conversions
27: 56 Testing the funnel (demo)
29: 11 Outro
30: 09 Thank you

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