How To Build An Affiliate Marketing QUIZ Lead Magnet Funnel In 10 Minutes (Ste by Step)

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Are you looking to create an affiliate marketing quiz funnel? This tutorial will show you how you can build a funnel plus I will give you a FREE quiz page to use.
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It looks like you are interested in creating a quiz funnel. You can use a quiz funnel lead magnet to promote things like Clickbank offers. Most affiliate marketers will use them to get commissions with paid advertising. This training video will show you how to build a quiz funnel on a platform called ClickFunnels. You will also learn how to add emails to the funnel. You will need to do this so you can send emails in the backend to make sales.

The first step is downloading the free template I’m going to give you. Once you have done that the quiz funnel will import into ClickFunnels for you. Once this is imported, you can now edit the funnel following my steps in the video. If you don’t want to use ClickFunnels, you can find free alternatives online.

The next step in this tutorial is to connect and email marketing software to your affiliate marketing funnel. The training shows you how to connect GetResponse to the quiz lead magnet so you can automatically send out emails in the backend. I show you how to set these emails up step by step.

You can now go make money with your new affiliate marketing funnel! Interested in more training? I have some free tutorials below.

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