How to Build an Effective Sales Funnel 🎙 with @Adam Erhart

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We sat down with Adam Erhart, an experienced marketing strategist, entrepreneur and content creator, to find out everything about how to build a sales funnel that works in 2021. Watch the interview to learn more about psychology marketing, various sales funnel models, and amazing sales model examples. We also tackle some big questions, like “How do you optimize and then measure the effectiveness of a sales funnel?” and “What tools to use for sales funnel creation?”

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📒 Show notes 📒

00: 00 How to build a sales funnel intro
01: 05 What is psychology marketing?
07: 12 Various models/structures of sales funnels
09: 42 How to get started with sales funnels as a beginner?
11: 45​ Crucial components of a landing page
16: 16 Nurturing leads
21: 19 Are you conducting A/B testing?
24: 30 The main triggers that push customers to make purchase decisions
29: 12 Discount offers
32: 50 What sales funnel creation tools does Adam recommend?
36: 36 How do you measure the effectiveness of a sales funnel?
38: 57 Examples of high converting sales funnels
41: 32 Is there a new 2021 trend related to sales funnels?
46: 20 Resources to improve the sales funnel and efficiency of all marketing activities

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The mission of our channel is to help agencies thrive by providing the best tips and most useful tools of the WordPress world. 👌 This video will help you learn from Adam Erhart’s experience and build a super effective sales funnel for your agency. 😊

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