How to Build an Instagram Marketing Funnel Part 3

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Your Instagram marketing funnel’s purpose is bigger than building an audience and engaging them. Converting the sale and having an Instagram sales strategy or a way to get people to convert is the reason you’re even on the platform. In this video we’ll walk you through how to pull people to the bottom of your funnel and get them to convert in a sustainable way.

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Instagram sales and an Instagram sales strategy are just as important as building and enegaging an audience and this video will help close the loop in our three part series to help you dominate Instagram.

Check Out These Sections Of the Video:
00: 00 – Intro
00: 47 – The First Step to Getting the Conversion
01: 00 – Why You Want People on Your Email List
01: 19 – How to Get People on Your Email List
01: 48 – Creating an Awesome Landing Page
02: 42 – Let’s Talk Metrics
03: 25 – Last Tactic for Swinging the Odds in Your Favor
03: 54 – A Helpful Video for Your Next Steps


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