How To Connect Active Campaign Form To Opt-in Form On Clickfunnels

Hey! My names RC Simon

I started a digital marketing agency June 2018 and have learned so much working in the trenches these last few months.

This is a simple way to integrate your email marketing software to clickfunnels so you can receive email optins.

-Create a form on active campaign
-Paste embed code into your integrations form on Clickfunnels
-Make sure your active campaign is integrated to Clickfunnels in order for form to work
-Sync your fields
-Test everything after you have saved

If you haven’t used Clickfunnels here the link to the 14-day free trial: V

Here is a link to Active Campaign email marketing software:
Also, I used Loom software a google chrome extension to record this video! Very simple and easy to use software to record screen share videos. They are launching a desktop download very soon:

Let me know if you have any questions, you can comment below!

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