How to Create a High Converting Landing Page: 7 Essential Tips for 2021

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Looking for tips that will teach you how to create a landing page? This landing page tutorial will take your landing page from drab to fab in no time.

At some point in their journey, almost every online entrepreneur will need to use a landing page to promote their products, capture marketing leads, or launch a marketing campaign. Developers have a unique opportunity to support their clients with their expertise in design when this need arises.

“User-centered design’ is critical when crafting a landing page aimed at a specific target audience, and developers should create layouts and page functionality with your client’s customers in mind.

Thankfully, with thoughtful use of static sections, it’s possible to build customizable landing pages on Shopify, which can be populated with content by your clients. This means developers can focus on the design of the page, while your clients are empowered to decide which products and copy will appear on the landing page.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00: 00 Introduction
01: 18 Improved Search Engine Ranking
01: 41 Build Hype for Future Product Launches
02: 09 Make the Buying / Subscribing Process More Efficient
02: 32 Getting Started
03: 54 How to Build a Landing Page
04: 34 Best Design Practices
09: 03 Split Testing

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► Shogun 4
► Unbounce /
► Pagefly /
► Famous /
► VWO /
► VWO Success Stories: /
► Example #1: /
► Example #2: /
► How to Use Liquid to Create Custom Landing Page Templates R

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