How to Create a Landing Page for Free 2020 – Create Beautiful Landing Pages for Free in 5 Minutes

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How to Create a Landing Page for Free 2020 – Create Beautiful Landing Pages for Free in 5 Minutes

In today’s video I show you how to create a landing page for free in 2020 using Groovepages.

This video is for you if you are looking to discover how to create a landing page for free 2020 and wondering what is the best free landing page builder.

Or even why you would landing pages for your business and how to leverage them to improve your marketing and increase your customer conversions.

Landing pages are a great way to create very tightly focused pages which help increase your landing page conversions. Many people will look to create landing pages on their websites or blog sites.

But this is not the most optimised method for this. And while it will work it will not be as effective as dedicated landing pages which you send vistors too. This is because a website will have a number of other options that your visitor could choose to take. And these will lead to a decrease in your conversions.

One of the best free landing page builders in 2020 in my view is Groovepages. This is because the amount of integration that you get with this marketing tool is better than anything else on the market. Also the CEO behind Groovepages and Groovefunnels the parent software has been able to instruct the developers of this software to create something greater for the marketing community than has been available before.

Top 3 Benefits of Groovepages Landing Pages:
The landing pages are super fast to load
The landing pages are mobile optimised
The landing pages are SEO friendly

The pages that Groovepages creates are visually very attractive and are super fast to load due to the code that has been used to develop the landing page builder.

The pages that Groovepages creates are mobile optimised out of the box without you having to consider how to do this. The landing page builder manages all the complexity to create beautiful mobile optimised pages that will help you convert visitors using mobiles. The pages as they are mobile optimsed will rank better in the search engines, as mobile first is now the default from Google.

Top 5 reasons to create your landing pages with Groovepages:
Easy to use drag and drop page builder
Beginner and expert page design modes
Great range of page templates to choose from
Great range of page elements and blocks to use
Create high converting pages easily with built in template marketing features

Top 3 reasons to choose Groovepages for your landing pages:
You can create as many pages as you want for free
You can host your pages online for free
You can add a custom domain

GroovePages page builder is really easy for beginners to get started today. A thriving Facebook community are always on hand to give tips and advice. Plus a weekly coaching call and Q&A session. There is also comprehensive online training site with many step-by-step walk through videos and tutorials for the many features.

The most popular use of landing pages is to build professional looking sales funnels that you can use for promoting your products. By optimizing these so they convert you can earn or make money with your own business products or affiliate offers for CPA and the like.

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