How to Create a Landing Page for Free with ConvertKit

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Learn how to create a landing page for free using ConvertKit. In 2020, ConvertKit launched a free plan which allows you to publish your first landing page in a matter of minutes at no cost. Sign up for their free plan here: (affiliate link).

ConvertKit’s Guide to Landing Pages

For more advanced landing pages, try LeadPages free for 14 days:

How to use a custom domain for landing pages:

What is a Landing Page – How to Use Landing Pages for Your Business

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We’ve been using Convertkit for all of our email marketing for almost 2 years because it’s really easy to use and intuitive. What makes it really stand out for us is your ability to segment your audience and set up automated email sequences.

Up until recently, there was no free plan and no landing pages so many email marketing beginners would rather get started with Mailchimp because of their free plan.

Now that ConvertKit has a free plan that includes unlimited landing pages and the ability to send emails up to 500 subscribers, it’s the ideal choice for beginners.

If you’re just starting your business you could even use one of their free landing pages as your home page until you build out a full website.

Convertkit is the best option in terms of segmenting your audience and automated email sequences, unfortunately, those features aren’t part of the free plan, but you won’t find more features in a free plan than you do with ConvertKit.

In this ConvertKit tutorial, I’ll walk you through step by step how to set up the landing page, the incentive email and the thank you page after someone signs up.

ConvertKit is the only email marketing software we recommend. The options for automation are great. It’s great to have the landing pages included withing the email marketing software.

To create more advanced and customizable landing pages, we recommend using Leadpages, the landing page software we use most of the time to have more flexibility with the design.

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