How To Create A Landing Page For Instagram

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Have you created a landing page specifically for your instagram account? Instagram isn’t going away anytime soon with stories growing increasingly more popular and long form posts crushing it in the news feed it is time to get serious about creating a landing page specifically for your instagram page.

Now, you might be thinking why do I want to create a landing page specifically for instagram, can’t I just link my website? Sure, you can absolutely link to the website but let’s be honest here…they are probably going to do everything EXCEPT give you their email address. Why? Because well, it is easy to get distracted and forget them taking any action at all if your website isn’t mobile friendly. The other challenge is that instagram wants you to stay inside their ecosystem and on their mobile centric platform. There are no links in the captions and you can only get access to the swipe up feature if you have over 10,000 followers. As a business owner though, you realize the importance of driving traffic to the macro content that you create and building an email list. In comes the instagram specific landing page.

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